At Cubiscan, we are in the business of producing data — the most accurate dimensioning data available on the market. With 30 years of experience and over 13,000 units installed worldwide, we are the pioneer and leader in cubing and dimensioning. We are humbled by the trust our clients place in us and work every day to remain worthy of that confidence.

The data our systems provide is highly accurate, but our ability to interpret, use and leverage that data truly sets us apart. That ability is guided by our experience. From warehousing and space management to shipping and receiving to logistics and transportation, we understand the challenges you face because we’ve been there developing our innovations right along side you. Others may claim to be the “leaders in dimensioning,” truly, we are the worldwide leader and pioneer in cubing and dimensioning. Let our technology, our data and our experienced team guide your company to increased profits and improved efficiencies. At Cubiscan, our experience is our guide.


We began as most companies do, with an idea. An idea we knew could transform business operations in warehousing, shipping and logistics. In 1987, the going was a bit rough.  No one knew what cubing and dimensioning were and the internet was yet to be a worldwide force, let alone the personal computer. And yet, there we were, selling a product a bit ahead of its time. 

As the years progressed, more and more companies discovered the benefits of automating, optimizing and streamlining their business operations with a Cubiscan. We started with government projects, but soon, demand and customer needs would push our development into new realms of possibility. As times were fast changing, we looked ahead and pioneered many new systems and technologies for helping the biggest brands in the world improve their margins. If we included our customer list on our website, it would contain most, if not all of the biggest brands in the world including apparel, automotive, airline, logistics, technology and innovation. We don’t say that boastfully, but we’re proud of the trust our customers place in us and we’ve been honored to grow and change right alongside our customers.