Cubiscan is a great place to work. We treat our employees like family, because over the years, that’s what we’ve become. We work hard and we know how to have fun. At Cubiscan, we’ve tried to build our company the same way we build our machines. Cubiscan is built to last. When people come to work here, they often remain for decades. Our average employee has been here for 10 years. With a new crop of engineering PHD’s, marketing, sales and service personnel, we’re in good hands, long into the future. What’s the best news about that? As we innovate for what’s to come and as we take care of our existing customers, you are in good hands, too.


As an employee-owned company, we have numerous advantages that work for the benefit of our customers. We have no outside debt, which removes external pressure and allows us to focus our efforts on building better products and solutions for our customers. As owner-operators, we have a deep understanding of the business which allows us to identify issues and work quickly to address them. Lastly, we have a unique culture that gives our employees the ability to be with their families, have fun and lead balanced lives. Those are all benefits passed on to you, the customer.