Cubiscan 25

The Cubiscan 25 measures and weighs small, odd-shaped items for receiving, distribution, packaging, and warehousing applications.  From pills and eyeglasses to bottles and other small items, the CS 25 is the highly accurate, easy-to-use system you’ve been looking for.

Parcel Types: Irregular, unboxed, cuboidal and boxed items
Applications: Warehousing and space management

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Product Description

Winner of the 2015 MHI Innovation Award, the Cubiscan 25 is a compact dimensioning system designed specifically to measure and weigh small, irregularly shaped items for distribution, packaging, and warehousing purposes. Utilizing infrared sensing technology, the Cubiscan 25 accurately dimensions small, individual items, perfect for applications in receiving, slotting, picking, and carton selection.

The Cubiscan 25 was built to maximize storage space and enhance cartonization methods. This can reduce the use of packaging materials and potentially decrease dimensional-based shipping costs. The CS 25 can also benefit the environment by reducing packaging waste and minimizing transportation fuel costs and carbon emissions. In essence, the Cubiscan 25 can help your company grow its sustainable practices while improving your bottom line and space efficiency.

The Cubiscan 25 is an effective solution for addressing DIM weight requirements in several different industries including pharmaceutical, health and beauty, and book publishing. Its small footprint allows for easy implementation anywhere in your warehouse or distribution center. Additionally, as a mobile solution, the Cubiscan 25 can be used to dimension SKUs throughout your entire warehouse.

Physical Specifications
Measuring Capacities
Physical Specifications

32 in (81 cm)


27 in (69 cm)


23 in (58 cm)


62 lb (28 kg)

Measuring Capacities

0.10 to 18.00 in (0.2 to 45.0 cm)


0.10 to 12.00 in (0.2 to 30.0 cm)


0.10 to 12.00 in (0.2 to 30.0 cm)

Measurement Increment

0.05 in (0.1 cm)

Measurement Time

< 5 seconds

Object Characteristics


Weight Capacity

0.005 to 15.000 lb (0.002 to 6.000 kg)

Weight Increment

0.005 lb (0.002 kg)

Data Output

Serial (1), Ethernet (1), USB (1)


0 to 90% non-condensing

Measuring Sensor

Infrared light beam

Operating Temperature

32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)

Power Requirements

100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Weight Sensor

Four load cells