Qbit DB

Qbit DB is a dynamic application built to manage cube and weight data captured by a Cubiscan. Qbit DB can simply act as a data transfer tool or as a standalone solution for managing and utilizing Cubiscan data.  Many unique features have been developed to meet customer needs over the past three decades. As with our dimensioning systems, Qbit DB has been developed to help guide customers to effective space and warehouse management.  Our Cubiscan’s provide the most accurate and dependable data on the market. Qbit DB provides an effective tool for using that data for increased profitability.

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Primary Use

Our most robust and sought-after software solution

  • Import or export data using a variety of file-transfer methods
  • Collect and store data in a local Qbit database.
  • Choose any pack type or personalize the user-definable fields
  • Works with most any warehouse management systems
  • Use a camera with Qbit DB to capture images with each measurement

Compatible With

  • Cubiscan 25
  • Cubiscan 75
  • Cubiscan 100
  • Cubiscan 110
  • Cubiscan 150
  • Cubiscan 125
  • Cubiscan 225
  • Cubiscan 325
  • Cubiscan 200 TS
  • Cubiscan 210 DS/SS

Windows 7-10 Operating Systems


  • Custom import/export features, allowing data to be easily imported or exported into the majority of the warehousing and shipping software solutions.
  • Exported data can be uploaded to an existing WMS, TMS, manifesting system or other data integration software solution.
  • User-definable data fields.
  • Cubiscan maintenance tools.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
  • Includes setup parameters to configure data management options for your Cubiscan system.
  • The “Automatic import/export” feature, allows for automatic data transfer to and from the Qbit DB application.
  • Setup options allow users to define how data is collected and stored in the Microsoft Access database. Some filed names and attributes are user definable and can be set up to fit your specific application requirements.
  • After entering a unique identifier, a pack type, or any additional product information in the user definable fields, the Cubiscan will measure the item and the Qbit DB software will collect, store and prepare to transfer accurate cube and weight data for that product.