Qbit Xfer

Qbit Xfer functions like a keyboard wedge and transfers Cubiscan data to a user-defined target host window and automatically places measurements and weight data to the desired cursor location. The software can be set up to open a port, measure the item and then close the port, freeing the serial port to be used for other PC functions. The Software can also remain open keeping the active connection to the Cubiscan allowing the user to measure at any time.

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Primary Use

Qbit Xfer is a keyboard wedge, often used for UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager.

Compatible With

  • Cubiscan 25
  • Cubiscan 75
  • Cubiscan 100
  • Cubiscan 110
  • Cubiscan 150
  • Cubiscan 125
  • Cubiscan 225
  • Cubiscan 325
  • Cubiscan 200 TS
  • Cubiscan 210 DS/SS

Windows 7-10 Operating Systems


  • Works silently in the background.
  • Uses a weight or barcode trigger to prompt measurements.
  • Connect to a third-party scale.
  • Interfaces easily with WorldShip® or Ship Manager®
  • Flexibility of measuring in Metric or U.S. Standard units.