Why Cubiscan?


Just like climbing a mountain, entering the world of cubing and dimensioning can be a treacherous, difficult journey. A guide can help you reach your destination quicker and with fewer issues. We see that as our role with our customers. You know your business, and our objective is to help you get the most profitable and successful outcome for your operation. This is accomplished on a case by case basis because no two companies are alike. That being said, understanding the basics of what customers need and expect from a Cubiscan, these are qualities we build into every machine.

Industrial Quality

Cubiscans are built to last from the inside out. Our steel is industrial grade and engineered to last in challenging warehouse environments. The sensors and internal components of a Cubiscan are built to endure the rigors required for portability and the occasional rough treatment they may encounter. Lastly, our firmware is robust and developed for turnkey usage and quick adoption at any operation.


A Cubiscan is essentially a data capture device. Our systems are the most accurate and consistent systems on the market. Many companies will tell you their dimensioner can measure anything in any conditions. We actually have systems that can accomplish this for you. We encourage you to give a Cubiscan a test-run to witness our accuracy first-hand. Compare it with competitor products and put it to the test. We won’t sell any product that we don’t stand behind.


Lastly, our systems all leave our facility certified by one of our trained staff and ready to work for you. If you receive your Cubiscan system and it doesn’t meet the standard, we’ll ship it back and replace it for you. Then, to ensure you get many years of productive use from your machine, we offer a program where your Cubiscan can be re-certified annually for weights and measures. This ensures you are getting the most accurate data from your system. Along with this certification, we will train your staff because we know turnover can often be an issue. Lastly, we’ll conduct a preventive maintenance on your machine to ensure every component is ready for another year of wear and tear.